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The SAMM Team will maximize your influence on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  SAMM Stands for Social Alliance Managed Marketing. Allow The SAMM Team  to keep up with your post and engage your dealership socially. We will form social alliances with all the major networks and manage the post as well as the marketing of your inventory and dealership. We will sell cars for you socially with our unique secret techniques that have been mastered by our company.  

If having no followers is the number one problem then the number two has to be time spent on networks. A lot of dealers we speak to say " I think its a waste of time twittering and face booking I want my guys selling cars" This is true if you only have a few followers. Social Media platforms are "Social" and  it does take up a lot of time. You first have to understand the complexities of different Social Media platforms, and the people that use them. Then you have to prepare and teach your sales force how to tap this relatively untouched gold mine of modern relationship marketing.

Fact: Did you know that the vast majority of dealers that start using Facebook to build an audience quit after 90 days because they just do not see any results? Imagine turning on the 10 O'clock NEWS in your area to find a still image of the anchor people sitting behind their desk frozen in time. How fast would you change the channel?

To run a successful Social Media effort, it requires constant and continuous delivery of relative content, information, education and entertainment. This is the backbone Social Media! It doesn’t abide by the same rules that govern retail advertising…retail advertising is dead in the Social Arena. To be successful you must have the tools and the drive to develop this complex, but effective marketing strategy. Social Media is RELATIONSHIP SELLING!

Inventory Blaster's Social Alliance Team will create a complete and effective Social Network with all the major Social Media Platforms. We will keep your clients up to date on what's happening in and around your dealership. 


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