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We Secure a Bigger Audience FASTER!


Several thousand auto dealers are now on Facebook, twitter and more. This is a great place to get your dealerships message heard without a lot of expense. Inventory Blaster tackles the number one problem dealer’s face with Social Media; Their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts have very little followings.


Take Facebook for instance, the average dealer has 238 followers, which is a great start but look closer. Out of the 238 how many are vendors soliciting your page to promote their business?  Here is another fact: out of the 238 - 60 - 75 are auto dealer vendors.


For the first time ever Inventory Blaster introduces their one of a kind Social Media Accelerator. This is how it works: You’re a dealer promoting your dealership on Facebook; you are very aggressive with staying engaged with your audience. The only problem is your audience is only 500 plus people and several of them are vendors and your own family.


Most dealers give up on promoting their dealership and inventory on Facebook they say “the investment of time is not worth the return”. That may be true if you have only a few hundred people watching your channel.


This is where Inventory Blaster comes in and pushes the accelerator. Look at Blasters Accelerator like hitting the nitro button when you are running a quarter mile race. Your Facebook page and Twitter accounts will go from 500 to 10,000 within 90 days.


Not only will the Accelerator secure more people for your viewing audience, it will capture people within your market area. That’s 10,000 plus people staring at your Facebook or Twitter    channel.


This is how you need to see your Social Media – a good Facebook page is like having your very own cable TV show except without all the production expense. How many people are viewing your channel at one time and what messages will you send them? Call you’re Inventory Blaster Agent TODAY! And tell them you need the Inventory Blaster Social Media Accelerator NOW because you don’t want to miss another sale.


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