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Classified compliant posting service


Automatic and highly efficient continuous postings to Craigs List, Ebay Classifieds, Backpage and other classified shopping sites.  Our Proprietary hybrid software optimizes the frequency of listings. Multiple ‘campaigns’ are designed around your inventory to generate interest as opposed to designing them around your dealerships website. Video


True Invoice dealers agree to show you the True Invoice on new vehicles, saving you the hassle of hours of negotiation to get the best deal possible on a new car. Video



Social media posting service


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We will create a Facebook application that will secure your inventory and display it on Facebook. We will show you step by step how to install your new inventory application on your business page as well as your personal Facebook page. We will teach you and your staff how to sell socially 6 - 10 cars per month. This app works great when combined with our Social Media Accelerator.  Video

*Some results may vary -Number based on 117 dealers using the blaster Facebook application with minimum 75 used cars and 100 new. See Inventory Blaster for details.


Video posting service



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Search engine optimizing for your market attract buyers to new car videos which link to sites we build for the dealer in that market. These sites produce an added bonus of new car leads for member dealers. When customers view new car videos found on search engines and video sites (You Tube, etc.), inquiries are directed to participating dealer. Video


( VIC ) Virtual Intelligent Communicator

Artificial Response Technology

New Revolutionary Software  




Retargeting Software at its best ..

VIC is Artificial Lead Response Technology. VIC helps dealers convert more leads to sales by identifying and engaging customers with new and unique follow-up processes.  VIC allows sales staff to spend more time with their customers and less time leaving voice messages and sending emails. Video

  Social Media Accelerator     New Revolutionary Software    


Inventory Blaster has developed a proven method with guaranteed results. Give us 30 days and you will have 10,000 plus followers right from your geographical region.


Several thousand auto dealers are now on Facebook, twitter and more. This is a great place to get your dealerships message heard without a lot of expense. Inventory Blaster tackles the number one problem dealer’s face with Social Media; Their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts have very little followings. Take Facebook for instance, the average dealer has  ...  More l Video .

  SAMM - Social Alliance Managed Marketing    
  The SAMM Team will maximize your influence on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  SAMM Stands for Social Alliance Managed Marketing. Allow The SAMM Team  to keep up with your post and engage your dealership socially. We will form social alliances with all the major networks and manage the post as well as the marketing of your inventory and dealership. We will sell cars for you socially with our unique secret techniques that have been mastered by our company.   More l Video    

Dealer Reputation Management w


What are they saying about you and your dealership? Is your dealership under attack by unnecessary online negative post? Are these post hurting your business or your good name?  We can assist your dealership with defending your good name online and to launch a counter offensive strategy to create a balanced view.  Don’t let bloggers or false reports on review websites get you down. More



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Mobile Websites for Auto Dealers



With the new 4G network launching mid-summer 2010 it's vital for your dealership to have a good mobile phone site. We will take your current site, rebuilt, optimize and launch it via our Mobile Blaster. Mobile Blaster  Powered by Dealer123 Data Technology comes standard with the Inventory Blaster Turbo Package see your Blaster Rep for more details. Sample





Live CHAT software designed  for Auto Dealers



Our chat application allows your operators to chat and interact with several customers in separate chat windows, all at the same time. Your operators can switch from one chat window to another and multi-task in real time. LIVE Chat comes standard with the Inventory Blaster Turbo Package see your Blaster Rep for more details




Inventory Blaster helps you post to sites like CraigsList. We have established an ad publishing solution for automotive dealerships which is hands free. We post motor vehicle inventory for your car dealership daily across high traffic websites such as,,,,  CraigsList and eBay Classified.


 Form a Strategic Alliance with Inventory Blaster and your Dealership  TODAY!


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